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    A Dog Travel Guide to Kitzbuhel, Austria

    If like me, you like to travel with your dog to new places, it may be difficult to find out what the locals do with their dogs in your destinations town. So we are starting a collaborative project to write down dog travel guides, listing the best things to do with dogs in cities around the world. I hope this project, with time, will help dog people everywhere to have better, unique, local experiences with their best friends everywhere they go. So here is our guide of best things to do with your dog in Kitzbuhel, Austria. In this Kitzbuhel Dog Guide: 1. Dog Friendly Restaurants, Cafes and Bars 2. Dog…

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    7 Funny Dog Gifts (mainly for the owners)

    1. Petshup This holistic dog food topper breaks kibble boredom and adds variety to everyday dry dog food. It can also be used to complement wet dog food for small or large dog breeds. You can also prepare nutritious dog snacks by freezing their favorite flavor in an ice tray.  2. Did you feed the dog? Reminder If there is a dog and more than one person in your home, you are familiar with this question: “Did you feed the Dog?” You know you can’t rely on the dog to answer this question honestly. If asked, dogs will lie. Behold, our solution! Move one of the sliders when you feed…

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    Am I spending too much money on my dog?

    You have probably heard of a trend called “humanization” of pets. Dog owners are increasingly looking to provide better quality food, higher-end accessories and premium medical services for their beloved companions. Some people will look at this trend and wonder if there should be an ethical threshold to this. How much is too much when to comes to spending money on your dog?  First of all, there is no right or wrong!  No one but yourself can judge whether or not you’re spending too much on your dog. If you have the means and you’re not going into debt, or sacrificing other important aspects of your life, such as caring…

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    A dog’s routine

    Whoever said “it’s a dog’s life” in a bad connotation, definitely wasn’t referring to my dog. My life revolves around her, and I don’t mean it in a bad way. I love spending time with her and I call her “my personal trainer”. Since I adopted her, I have lost some weight because she forces me to go out and walk. Exercising is not an effort when I’m with her. Quite the opposite, I can spend hours just watching her sniff into the woods and jump in the ponds to cool down. It’s so beautiful and so relaxing to watch. Dog’s really have a therapeutical effect on people. It’s also…

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    7 Steps of Responsible Dog Adoption

    So you decided to adopt a dog. Congratulations! There is really no valid excuse, or very few I can think of, for buying a dog when there are so many helpless creatures in desperate need of rescuing. Since you made the right the decision to adopt, I assume you are a good soul and will want to do what is best for you and your dog. So I prepared this list of things you should consider before taking the plunge. 

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    The 7 Best Dog Beds on the Market

    1. Best Dog Bed for Comfort Petlo Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Sofa Bed This pet sofa is designed with the best materials so your pet can experience the most comfortable lounging experience possible. The high density memory foam is superior to cheap uncomfortable fillers like cedar chips, cotton batting, low density foam. Your dog can use the outer bolster as a head-rest or nestle under it depending on their preference. 2. Best Value for Money Dog Bed AmazonBasics Padded Dog Bolster Bed The AmazonBasics padded pet bolster bed creates a welcoming go-to place for your pet to rest in the home, as well as a sense of home away from…

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    Relax my Dog: How I helped my rescue dog overcome extreme anxiety

    When I adopted Ayla, she was scared of everything. She’s a 7 year old Dutch Shepherd mix that had been abandoned by her previous owners, was never socialized and lived in isolation as a guard dog in a farm. I felt sorry for her and was determined to help her in any way I could. Things she would panic about on a daily basis include: old men, bearded men, umbrellas, children, the town center, loud noises, crowds, people with clutches, other dogs… well, you get it, just about everything. Luckily she was never scared of cars, because we travel a lot, or of water, since I love to take her to…

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    Gift Ideas for Country Dogs

    Country dogs are often covered in mud or rolling in fox poo. This doesn’t mean our countryside friends cannot be stylish. Our selection of gifts below can serve both the most authentic country dogs and their city cousins on a weekend break away.  1. Chilly Dog Argyle Sweater This Scottish style sweater, by “Chilly Dog”, in traditional argyle pattern is going to make your dog look as stylish as Sir. Sean Connery. Winter is going to look so cozy. Available in all sizes from Amazon. 2. Old Mother Hubbard Bac’n’Cheez Biscuits Tasty treats made in traditional countryside home style recipes that have been in use since 1926. Carefully crafted, oven-baked and…

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    Expat dog owner in Austria: things you need to know

    The Alps may seem like the most perfect place to spend life with your dog. But as they say: there are always mosquitos in paradise. In this article I will cover three unexpected problems I encountered and some advice on how to deal with them. Be prepared for criticism and try not to lose your sense of humour Unsolicited feedback is offered freely around here. In a short period of time since I adopt Ayla, strangers have come to me to criticise me for many reasons. Some of these were straightforward nonsense and quite hilarious: Having my dog on the leash in an on-leash area: there are some off-leash advocates…

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    Gift ideas for urban dogs

    The daily life in a big city can be challenging for both humans and dogs. Nevertheless, these resilient beings manage to get along and for this they deserve a prize! Here you will find a selection of treats that are guaranteed to put a smile on the faces of our city cousins and take away the stress from their busy urban existence. 1. Paws & Pals Ball Launcher Master is tired from work but puppy wants to play fetch. With great reviews and a fair price, this rechargeable ball launcher might be just the baby-sitter you were looking for. 2. Blueberry Personalized Dog Bandana and Collar How about having your…